• 课程简介 | Course Introduction

    每一位经理人都是管控师 | Every Manager Is A Controller

    通过改进管控提升业务绩效 | Improve Business Performance Through Better Controlling

  • 培训目标 | Training Objectives


    This course aims to give non-financial managers and professionals the opportunity to get a quick overview on controlling practiced in German-speaking countries. It helps the participants to understand the basic ideas and concepts of controlling, and to know how to use the most relevant controlling tools for improving or optimizing business performance.

  • 培训对象 | Target Group

    企业非财经理或者没有财务管控专业背景的其他人士 | Non-financial managers or professionals without financial & controlling background

  • 内容概览 | Content Outline

    > 管理控制的基本理念 | The basic ideas of controlling

    > 通过销售管理控制加快高盈利的增长 | Achieving profitable growth based on sales controlling

    > 优化产品成本(直接物料、直接人工和制造费用)|  Optimizing product cost (direct material, direct labor, manufacturing expenses)

    > 管控好非生产部门的费用 | Controlling expenses in overhead departments

    > 管理好固定资产投资项目 | Managing investment /capex project

    > 改善企业营运资金的绩效 | Improving performance of working capital

    > 用管理控制指标测量和管理经营绩效 | Measuring and managing business performance based on controlling ratios


    Please notice that the content outline listed above applies for public course only. For in-house training, the course content can be customized.

  • 培训时长 | Course Duration

    公开课 | Public Seminar

    线下培训一般2到3天。线上培训每次2到3小时,分8次完成。 请关注我方最新开班计划。 | Normally 2 to 3 days in case of off-line training. In case of online training, the course will be delivered as a series of 8 x 2 hours webinar. Please pay attention to our latest public seminar schedule

    内训班 | In-house Training

    培训时长和时间安排可以量身定制 | Customizing of training duration and time schedule is possible.

  • 培训用语 | Course Language

    公开课 | Public Seminar

    中文或英文。请关注我方最新公开课开班计划。| Chinese or English. Please pay attention to our latest public seminar schedule. 

    企业内训 | In-house Training

    可以按照企业需求量身定制。| Customizing according to requirements of clients.

  • 开班日期和价格 | Course Schedule & Price

            请关注我方最新开班计划。| Please pay attention to our latest seminar schedule.